Lung Health Foundation Collaborative

Where providers and researchers come together to drive change

Known as LHF Collaborative for short, this network community of passionate and dedicated healthcare professionals and researchers believes lung health can and should be better for all Canadians.

Your expertise matters.
Your experience matters.
Your voice matters.


Powered by the Lung Health Foundation, our LHF Collaborative offers meaningful opportunity for healthcare professionals and researchers to work together and directly contribute to the design, delivery, and evaluation of strategies and policies to improve lung health in Canada. We are guided by the strategic plan of the Lung Health Foundation and are engaged throughout its work to ensure diverse perspectives and insight to contribute to impact and sustainable change. 

Opportunities within the LHF Collaborative


All members are kept up to date and engaged in the work of LHF through:

1. Our interactive online platform where they can exchange information freely between each other and with the Lung Health Foundation in real time and

2. Our monthly e-newsletter published the fourth Friday of every month

Opportunities could include focus groups, interviews, application for clinical lead positions, needs assessment surveys and many more!

Once a member of the LHF Collaborative, members are encouraged to join any or all our special interest Hubs. Members of these hubs will occasionally receive targeted messages and opportunities relevant to their interests in greater detail than what the general membership receives.

Join one of our special interest hubs to receive messages and opportunities based on your interests!


LHF Collaborative Hubs


Explore the different ways you can engage with the Lung Health Foundation and your peers. Upon registration as a member, you can join as many or as few hubs as you wish! 

If you are already a member, but want to join a new hub, you can edit your member profile by signing in at “My Accounts”, go to “My Profile” and update your information on the “Membership” tab.)

Provider Education Hub

Help shape the Lung Health Foundation’s provider education and capacity building, (offerings, approaches to effective measurement and evaluation, etc). Participation may include clinical lead positions, speaker/faculty roles, or membership in event planning committees (e.g., Better Breathing

Health Policy Hub

Provide valuable input into the policy efforts at the Lung Health Foundation. Participation may include membership in working groups to inform on how to improve engagement of healthcare professionals in policy.

Implementation Hub

Support the design, execution, and evaluation of the Lung Health Foundation’s implementation efforts. Participation may include membership in working groups focused on specific implementation projects and/or strategies. (e.g., Approach to Behaviour Change Working Group)

Research Hub

Apply for funding or support the administration of the research program at the Lung Health Foundation. Participation may include membership on research working groups, review committees or research advisory groups. Research Hub members will also receive direct alerts regarding new request for proposals.

Speakers Bureau

Speak on behalf of the Lung Health Foundation, in-person or virtually, to relay health information or organization messages. Engage and inform patients, healthcare professionals, funding partners and others interested in improving the lung health of Canadians. Participation may also include speaking as an expert in media interviews, or at fundraising or educational events.

Leadership Hub

Take an active role in helping the Lung Health Foundation shape and grow its network of healthcare professionals and researchers. Participation may include membership on a Network Advisory Committee, Network Promotion and Engagement Working Group, or a Network Collaboration Committee