Historical Partnerships

Historical Partnerships with Healthcare Professionals and Researchers at the Lung Health Foundation

As of March 31, 2022, the Ontario Thoracic Society (OTS) and the Ontario Respiratory Care Society (ORCS) ceased to be part of the formal governance structure of the Lung Health Foundation.


The reason the societies cannot continue is the Lung Health Foundation needs to comply with regulatory requirements for charitable organizations by ensuring all of its activities fully align with its charitable objects and are clearly furthering the organization’s mission.  This includes the OTS and ORCS.

The Lung Health Foundation deeply values the input and insight of our professional partners who share the same lung health goals – to ensure better lung health for all Canadians. Though how we work together going forward looks different, we maintain a commitment to meaningful engagement and collaboration.

If you are a healthcare professional or researcher who would like to participate in activities that preserve the affinity of the societies, we encourage you to join our new Lung Health Foundation Collaborative. The LHF Collaborative offers meaningful opportunity to work together and directly contribute to the design, delivery, and evaluation of strategies and policies to improve lung health in Canada.