Asthma Action Plan

In this module, you’ll review the control criteria for asthma; understand the components of an asthma action plan; know the evidence for their use; and be able to use one with your patients

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COPD in Primary Care

This program for primary care providers is an evidence-based education and management program focused on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The tools and resources herein are aligned with the latest Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS) guidelines.


Emergency Department Asthma Care Pathway

An evidence-based guide for acute asthma management in the Emergency Department available for adult and paediatrics.


Intermediate Practice in Motivational Interviewing

The purpose of this module is to enhance clinical skills and practice in Motivational Interviewing (MI) for health professionals working in respiratory healthcare who have:

  1. An understanding of MI theory from previous workshops/trainings.
  2. Explored MI skills through demonstration and practice within previous workshops/trainings and clinical practice.

Spirometry: A Clinical Primer

This module demonstrates an appropriate forced expiratory maneuver, aids in understanding the criteria for spirogram acceptability and repeatability and reviews quality control measures.


Spirometry Interpretation: A Guide for Primary Care Providers

Review the key elements of interpreting spirometry reports through case studies to help prepare you to interpret spirometry results for your patients.

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Work-Related Asthma for Healthcare Providers

Work-related asthma (WRA) is the most common occupational lung disease, with 10-25% of adult asthma attributed to workplace exposures. This module reviews strategies for the diagnosis and management of WRA as well as key benefits of an early diagnosis.