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We are committed to providing healthcare profesionals with the tools they need to better serve their patients.

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Explore the ways we can help you help Ontarians breathe with ease. The Lung Health Foundation hosts various continuing medical education programs including an annual conference, Mainpro+ certified in-person workshops, OTN and webcasts on

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We bring together leading medical professionals and subject matter experts in the respiratory field to bring you innovative sessions, networking opportunities and professional events that will highlight innovative research projects and relevant case studies.

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Ontario Respiratory Care Society

The Ontario Respiratory Care Society (ORCS) is one of two professional societies of the Lung Health Foundation. The ORCS membership includes multi-disciplinary professionals from a variety disciplines who are involved with, or interested in, respiratory care.

Ontario Thoracic Society

The Ontario Thoracic Society (OTS) is a medical section of the Lung Health Foundation with a mission to promote respiratory health through medical research and education. Its membership consists primarily of respirologists practicing in Ontario.

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Our Purpose

Here you’ll find a plethora of information to help you provide the best care possible for your patients.

The Lung Health Foundation is dedicated to ending gaps in the prevention and care of lung disease in Canada. We invest in the future by driving groundbreaking research, and we give patients and their families the programs and support they need today. Lung health starts now!