Archived Sessions

Spirometry Interpretation Workshop2023/06/08Dilshad Moosa, RRT, CRE, MASc, FCSRT, and Andrew Kouri, MD, PhD, FRCPCWatch
Managing a Child with Severe Chronic Asthma2020/12/2Dr. Theo Moraes, MD, PhD, FRCPC Watch
Is it time to change the way we manage asthma? Examining the relevance of GINA 2019 in children and adolescents2020/11/18Dr. Dhenuka Radhakrishnan, MD FRCPCWatch
When objective measures are not available: Diagnosing Asthma in Preschoolers2020/11/11Dr. Ryan Smith,BASc, MSc, MBBChBAO, FRCPC Watch
Smoke and Vapors in Youth2020/11/4Dr. TomKovesi, MD, FRCP(C) Watch
How do we manage childhood asthma? Introducing the Ontario Health Asthma Quality Standards for children and adolescents2020/10/28Dr. Dhenuka Radhakrishnan, MD FRCPC Watch
Nontuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary disease and management 2020/9/30Sarah K. Brode, MD MPH FRCPCWatch
Medicinal Cannabis in Chronic Pain2020/8/24Dr. Martin Chasen, MBChB, FCP(SA), MPhil(Pall Med)Watch
Medicinal Cannabis in Treating Symptoms of Lung Cancer2020/8/17Dr. Martin Chasen, MBChB, FCP(SA), MPhil(Pall Med)Watch
Delivering Virtual Care to Manage Chronic Respiratory Disease: Tips for Healthcare Providers2020/6/17Dr. Nauman Naeem, Respirologist , Valerie Filteau, BSc. PT
Leveraging Virtual Technology to Ensure Seamless Transitions in Care for Patients Living with Chronic Conditions2020/6/10Ana Marie MacPherson, MSc, RRT, CRE, CTE Watch
Asthma Action Plans: Keeping Asthma Under Control (Especially in the Virtual World)
2020/5/27D. Samir Gupta, M.Sc., FRCPC
A Stepwise Approach to Spirometry Interpretation2020/3/12Dr. Itamar Tamari, MDWatch
COPD and its management – Part one2020/2/11Diane Feldman, RRT, CREWatch
World COPD Day 2019: Reducing the Burden of Disease2019/11/20Dr. Maleki-Yazdi, MDWatch
What is Asthma?, Triggers and Irritants, and Medicines in Asthma2019/11/12Diane Feldman, RRT, CRE, Aisha Balasubramaniam, RRT, CREWatch
COPD Program2019/8/26Dr. D’Urzo, MDWatch
A practical framework for diagnosis and management of Work-related Asthma (WRA)2019/3/26Presenter: Dr Susan M Tarlo, MBBS, FRCPCWatch
Managing Childhood Asthma: Tips and Tools2019/3/21Presenter: Dr. Dhenuka Radhakrishnan, MD FRCPCWatch
COPD: Acute Exacerbations and End of Life2019/2/27 Dr. Alan Kaplan, CCFP (EM), FCFPWatch
Asthma Action Plans: From Research to Real World Usage2019/1/10Dr. Samir Gupta (M.Sc., FRCPC)Watch
Personalized COPD Management: CTS Pharmacotherapy Update2018/10/4Dr Alan Kaplan, CCFP (EM), FCFPWatch
Influenza Immunization Update2018/9/14Dr. Allison McGeer, MSc, MD, FRCPCWatch
Asthma COPD Overlap2018/5/3Dr. Anthony D’Urzo,MSc, BHPE, CCFP, FCFPWatch
The Magic of Pulmonary Rehabilitation2018/3/21Roger S. Goldstein, MBCHB, FRCP(C), FRCP (UK)Watch
Respiratory Medications and Inhaler Devices2018/3/13Dr. Samir Gupta (MSc, FRCPC)Watch
Asthma and Allergies2018/1/18Dr. Susan Waserman (MSc, MD, FRCPC)Watch
Spirometry Interpretation2017/11/8Dr. Allan Coates, MDCM, B.Eng.Watch
Asthma & Pregnancy2017/11/3Deborah Casey, MD FRCPCWatch
Spirometry Ins & Outs Presentation2017/11/1Sara Han, RRT, CREWatch
How to write an Asthma and COPD action plan in two workshops2020/12/1ORCS Committee Watch
COPD Update 2020: Primary Care Perspective2020/12/8Dr. D’Urzo, MSc, BHPE, CCFP, FCFPWatch
A Morning with the Lung Experts2021/6/12Dr. Kirstin Perdrizet, Dr Kevin Sanders, Dr Meyer BalterWatch
Spirometry – Why and How? Part 12022/6/16Dr. Christopher DavisWatch
Spirometry – Why and How? Part 22022/6/21Dr. Christopher DavisWatch
Spirometry – Why and How? Part 32022/6/29Dr. Christopher DavisWatch
Severe Asthma Session2022/11/17Dr. Alan Kaplan MD CCFP(EM) FCFP CPC (HC) and Jennifer FalkinerWatch