A New Name and a New Way to Interact: Join the LHF Collaborative online community!

As part of re-branding our Lung Health Network for Healthcare Professionals and Researchers - now the LHF Collaborative - we are launching a new online platform where you can interact with the Lung Health Foundation, your colleagues, and your peers in real time.

The Lung Health Foundation is pleased to announce a new way for our dedicated and passionate group of health professionals, researchers, and other experts to interact with us and each other – now in real time!

Along with its recent rebirth as the Lung Health Foundation Collaborative (formerly the Lung Health Network for Healthcare Professionals and Researchers), we can now offer this group a new online community.

Hosted on TimedRight, this online community will allow members to share information, crowdsource solutions, and collaborate on improving lung health across Canada.

On the online community’s platform, you’ll be able to:

•   connect with others dedicated to lung health, including healthcare professionals, clinicians, researchers, public health workers, educators, and policy change-makers

•   engage and inform the work of the Lung Health Foundation;

•   crowdsource solutions to challenges;

•   ask and answer questions;

•   share your experiences and work;

•   learn about upcoming community events and opportunities;

•   apply for roles at the Lung Health Foundation (paid and/or volunteer); and

•   receive updates and resources related to lung health.

If you haven’t already done so, join the LHF Collaborative and you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access the online community. Join today!

Current LHF Collaborative members will soon receive a direct invitation to access the online community. But if you are eager, you can access it directly now!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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