Ontario Respiratory Care Society

Ontario Respiratory Care Society at the Lung Health Foundation

The Lung Health Foundation works closely with healthcare providers to advance its mission and achieve its goals. The Ontario Respiratory Care Society (ORCS) includes healthcare professionals from a variety disciplines who are involved with, or interested in, respiratory care.


The official publications of the Ontario Respiratory Care Society, are written by and for healthcare professionals and researchers in the field of respiratory care.

Research Programs

Research Grants and Fellowship Awards support research and graduate study by healthcare providers in the field of respiratory care. 

The ORCS improves lung health through excellence in interdisciplinary respiratory care. It does this by furthering excellence in the provision of interdisciplinary respiratory care through education, research, collaboration, provision of professional expertise and support for the Lung Health Foundation’s efforts to improve lung health.

Functions of the ORCS

  • To provide educational opportunities for respiratory healthcare professionals
  • To fund research and post-graduate education in the field of respiratory care
  • To disseminate news and developments related to respiratory health and disease
  • To provide professional advice on respiratory care and educational materials to the Lung Health Foundation and interested groups

Contact Us

Ontario Respiratory Care Society at the Lung Health Foundation

18 Wynford Drive, Suite 401
Toronto, ON M3C 0K8
Tel: (416) 864-9911 ext. 236 or ext. 256
Fax: (416) 864-9916
Email: societies@lunghealth.ca