Ontario Thoracic Society

The Ontario Thoracic Society (OTS) is a medical section of the Lung Health Foundation with a mission to promote respiratory health through medical research and education. Its membership consists primarily of respirologists practicing in Ontario.


Ontario Thoracic Reviews (OTR), the official publication of the Ontario Thoracic Society, is written by and for physicians and researchers in the field of respiratory care.


We facilitate, encourage and adjudicate clinical, epidemiological and basic scientific research to prevent, diagnose and treat respiratory disease and promote respiratory health.

Ontario Thoracic Society at the Lung Health Foundation

The Lung Health Foundation works closely with healthcare providers to advance its mission and achieve its goals. The OTS promotes respiratory health through medical research and education. To this end, the key activities of the OTS are:

  • To provide scientific and educational advice to the Lung Health Foundation.
  • To assist the Lung Health Foundation in furthering its goals of supporting medical research and conducting community health programs.
  • To facilitate, encourage and adjudicate clinical and basic scientific research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of respiratory disease.
  • To support and facilitate continuing medical education into all aspects of respiratory health and disease throughout the province of Ontario.
  • To liaise with the Canadian Thoracic Society and other provincial thoracic societies in the achievement of these common goals.


The Ontario Thoracic Society includes academic and community respirologists and researchers who are local and national leaders in their fields. Together, we help support and develop local, provincial and international standards of care in all areas of respiratory disease.

The Lung Health Foundation values the scientific and educational advice it receives from its Ontario Thoracic Society helping to ensure its provision of accurate, timely and quality information to lung health professionals, government and the general public.

The Ontario Thoracic Society has been instrumental in shaping the following work at the Lung Health Foundation:

  • Primary Care Provider Education Program
  • Emergency Department Asthma Care Pathway (Adult & Pediatric)
  • Primary Care Asthma Program (PCAP)
  • Work-Related Asthma Provider Education & Industry Prevention Education
  • Asthma Action Program
  • Asthma & COPD Care Maps and COPD Algorithm for Primary Care Providers

Continuing Education

Opportunities for guiding respiratory health education include involvement in the Better Breathing Planning Committee, which develops programming for the Better Breathing Conference, and in the Provider Education Program Steering Committee, which oversees the development of continuing medical education programs for physicians and allied healthcare professionals. Both the Better Breathing Conference and Provider Education Program workshops offered are accredited.


The Lung Health Foundation works closely with its Ontario Thoracic Society to influence the development of public policy and legislation across a range of areas impacting lung health to improve the health of Ontarians.


We liaise with the Canadian Thoracic Society, other provincial thoracic societies and community partners to achieve goals of shared importance.

Benefits of OTS membership include:

  • Networking opportunities, access to leaders in the industry and opportunities to meet others in the field of respiratory care
  • Reduced registration fees for Canada’s largest respiratory conference, Better Breathing
  • Receipt of the Ontario Thoracic Reviews, featuring detailed articles on clinical and scientific topics from subject experts
  • The ability to advocate, with and through the Lung Health Foundation, for provincial legislative reform to improve lung health
  • Facilitate and guide continuing medical education in the field of respiratory health and disease through involvement in program development, publications and education committees
  • Advance notice of registration for OTS-sponsored continuing medical education events

Contact the Ontario Thoracic Society of the Lung Health Foundation

Ontario Thoracic Society
18 Wynford Drive, Suite 401
Toronto, ON M3C 0K8
Tel: (416) 864-9911 or Toll Free: 1 (888) 344-5864
Fax: (416) 864-9916
Email: societies@lunghealth.ca