The Hero Nominations are in!


Yvonne Drasovean

"Yvonne has showed immense dedication to the pandemic efforts as an educator, an RT and an innovator!"

Nominated by Jennifer Noble

Sue Jones & Kelly Hassall

"Sue and Kelly go above and beyond on a regular basis, putting in countless volunteer hours relating to COVID-19 and it’s impact on the profession of Respiratory Therapy."

Nominated by: Shawna MacDonald

Julie Brown

"Somehow she manages to balance her commitment to us as students and concurrently stand alongside the dedicated nurses, doctors, and other professionals charged with treating those with the nCoV-19 virus. As someone so close to joining this profession, I am inspired and amazed by Julie Brown's actions and hope to someday display this level of enthusiasm for the respiratory therapy profession."

Nominated by: Lynae Cooper

Sue Impey & Manjeet Dhuga

"I hope they are recognized not only for what they are doing during this crisis but also what they do normally for many patients living with COPD. Their care extends beyond the confines of the programs. It extends to follow up calls to the community."

Nominated by: Jennifer Sansalone

News & Resources

Tuesday, May 5th is World Asthma Day. Please visit the links below for some of our Asthma Management Tools for your Practice and Patients
Webcast Videos on Asthma

Adult Asthma Action Plan

Pediatric Asthma Action Plan

Video Instructions on using your Inhaler

Event Notice:

Asthma Action Plans: Keeping Asthma Under Control (Especially in the Virtual World)
Presented by: Dr. Samir Gupta
May 27th 12 to 1pm
OTN/webinar info to be posted in due course.  

Spring is here! Renewal Time!

We have extended our renewal deadline until June 1, 2020

Renew using the link below. If you do not wish to purchase Liability Insurance, simply do not fill out the information and move ahead to your renewal.

We would like to thank everyone who has taken advantage of early registration and has already renewed for the upcoming year! Your membership is important, more, now than ever.

Together we make a difference in Respiratory Care.

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